ADCO Group trusts on Weilandt Elektronik for repairs of mobile computers

The ADCO group with its affiliated TOI TOI & DIXI Sanitärsysteme GmbH and QITS GmbH relies on Weilandt Elektronik for the management and repair of the hardware they use in various areas.

In close cooperation with all the companies involved, the German-based repair service provider has developed a tailor-made concept that not only comprehends of the various types of data acquisition devices and the corresponding accessories, but also includes other services.

Weilandt Elektronik does not only take care of the repair of defective devices, but also takes over the management and storage of the replacement devices and the exchange of accessories, the configuration of the units (staging) and the logistics, including a SWAP service.

The ADCO Group's equipment park consists of various mobile terminals, smartphones and vehicle computers. Choosing a service provider who has the expertise for all of these types of devices, who also repairs the accessories and at the same time is able to manage the entire equipment pool and distribute it to many different branches, was particularly important for the ADCO Group. In addition, old devices should be kept in operation for as long as possible, a device changeover should also be accompanied and the defects in new devices should be repaired.

The administration and maintenance of all these different devices makes the service of Weilandt Elektronik so unique. Thirty years of experience, an extensive network and the development of the technical department in specialized expert groups are important core elements for a successful implementation of the entire service package.