Cleaning and disinfection: repairs in times of Corona

What has been standard at Weilandt Elektronik for years pays off in corona times: extensive cleaning and disinfection of used hardware.

At Weilandt there is an own department for this. It consists of several employees who only take care of the pre- and final cleaning of the devices sent in. This process, which is used for both cosmetic and hygienic reasons, is part of Weilandt Elektronik's own quality standards.

While different manufacturers currently provide their customers instructions for proper cleaning and disinfection of mobile devices for the protection of employees and thus also of end customers, we have further intensified our cleaning process as well.

In addition to the precleaning, incoming devices are currently undergoing a disinfection step prior to the analysis and the subsequent repair to particularly protect our technicians. This disinfecting cleaning is performed using special agents, without affecting the devices. An extra disinfection step was also added to the quality control and cleaning before shipping, so that to Weilandt sent in devices are only leaving the repair center after final inspection, cleaning and disinfection.

You want to learn more about proper cleaning and disinfection of your mobile data terminals and barcode scanners? Our partner Point Mobile provides instructions at the following link, also to download as PDF: www.pointmobile.co.kr/#/de/home/aboutus-news-detail/1OW5PTRTA