Device check: Time for a change? Individual repair solutions for data capture devices and label printers

When a change of hardware is worth it is always an individual matter and depends on economic, ecological or technical circumstances.

For some, trade-in premiums can be an interesting option to replace technically outdated devices with new models, for example to increase IT security or availability. For others, however, whose devices are older but integrated into a stable and reliable IT infrastructure, they prefer to repair their mobile devices, especially if they are only slightly damaged and can be repaired and used with little effort.

Repair is often the more cost-effective alternative from an ecological and economic point of view, as in addition to the purchase of new devices, the costs of tenders, market research, employee training measures, etc., the conservation of resources must also be taken into account.
The team at the manufacturer-independent repair service provider Weilandt Elektronik GmbH from Essen has set itself the goal of repairing every defective terminal, label printer or hand-held scanner. In addition to the extent of the damage, the age of the models is also taken into account. The life cycle and condition of a device as well as the customer's personal wishes determine the scope of the repair.
Each customer receives an estimate of the repair costs before the repair begins and can decide individually whether and what they would like to have repaired - whether they only want the functionality to be restored or also an optical overhaul as, for example, their device is used in the field.

For very old appliances for which the manufacturer has discontinued the supply of spare parts, Weilandt Elektronik offers the option of using spare parts from donor appliances to extend the service life of the appliances and delay the possible purchase of new appliances. This approach makes it possible to work cost-effectively, reuse functional spare parts and utilize them in the best possible way. As a rule, the repair service provider has large stocks of common old devices in order to install the necessary parts promptly.
If printers and capture devices can no longer be repaired economically, they are collected and properly fed into a professional recycling process. In this way, we return as many materials and raw materials as possible to the cycle.
We are convinced that our work and good device repairs make a significant contribution to a sustainable economy and we support every customer with our 30 years of experience in this field.