Discontinued and discarded? Not necessarily! Extend the service life of portable data collection devices with the right partner

Nowadays, portable data terminals (PDTs), mobile computers, handholds and barcode scanners form an integral part of virtually every company. Whatever the industry, the use of such devices makes logistics and business processes automated, digitised and less susceptible to errors.

Nevertheless, the procurement of technical devices and the establishment of corresponding systems often involves a significant outlay. Many companies therefore try to put off replacing devices with newer models and more modern software for as long as possible, even if the technology used is discontinued by the manufacturer and therefore no longer produced and sold (“end-of-life”, or EOL for short) after a few years. When experts refer to “end-of-service/end-of-support” (EOS) products, it means that support or the provision of spare parts from the manufacturer can no longer be expected. Instead of switching to new device models and retraining all employees on new systems, choosing an experienced repair service provider is often a good alternative for many companies.