Discontinued mobile computers? Weilandt Elektronik still offers service and support

The announcement of the end-of-life and especially the end-of-service time for mobile computers and barcode scanners comes with questions and subsequent decisions for companies. Is there a successor model that makes a replacement as easy as possible? Do we still have the same requirements as a few years ago? And how much money can and do we want to tie up?

In this process, it should always be considered whether a change is really inevitable or whether there are good alternatives. Because, especially if the equipment was very cost-intensive, in many cases it makes sense to use it beyond the depreciation.

As a long-standing and experienced repair service provider for barcode scanners, mobile terminals and label printers, Weilandt Elektronik is the proper contact in such cases. Thanks to the network and experience, end-of-life (EOL) and end-of-service (EOS) models can usually be repaired years after they have been discontinued. The specialists not only take care of devices from their service partners for mobile computers  (Casio, M3 Mobile, Point Mobile, Unitech), but also a wide range of other manufacturers such as Honeywell (Intermec, LXE), Zebra (Motorola, Symbol), Höft &Wessel (Metric, Almex) or Pidion (Bluebird).

Numerous customers already rely on this service after the discontinuation by the manufacturer and commission Weilandt Elektronik to look after their devices. Older types such as the skeye.allegro models from Höft & Wessel (HW90260) or the MC3090 / 3190, MC9090, MC9190 and the PDT series from Zebra / Motorola / Symbol as well as the Honeywell CK3, the CK71, the 75E, the MX7 and the Dolphin7800 or the 99EX will be looked after for many years to come in the event of repairs.

Further information and an overview of all devices in our portfolio can be found in our device list. If your model does not appear there, we can help you by phone via 0201 10 99 81 10 or by email via info@weilandt-elektronik.de.