IT4logistics and Weilandt Elektronik: Long-term customer from Potsdam visits Weilandt repair center in Essen

As one of Weilandt Elektronik GmbH's oldest customers Björn Kober from IT4logistics visited the Weilandt repair and service center in Essen this March. The two companies have been working closely together for more than 20 years in the maintenance and repair of a wide variety of mobile terminals. Because when it comes to mobile data acquisition, especially barcode scanners, Weilandt Elektronik and IT4logistics combine many years of expertise.

Weilandt Elektronik has been supporting various device generations since the beginning of the cooperation. Starting with very old models like the Symbol PDT 68xx, through the Motorola MC9090, MC9190 and the MC92NO to the current Zebra MC93NO series. All of these devices are used by it4logistics customers in the various logistics centers throughout Germany.

For a maintenance customer as it4logistics, Weilandt not only does the classic repair of mobile terminals, but also takes on services such as staging or device scouting, i.e. the procurement and preparation of used devices. As a Premier Business Partner of GTS, the Essen-based company also supplies the batteries for the mobile data acquisition devices.

"What we particularly appreciate about the long-term cooperation with Weilandt Elektronik is the consistent quality of the work and the reliability of all employees," says Björn Kober, who is responsible for IT support at it4logistics.

At their meeting in March, Björn Kober and Weilandt Sales Manager Jochen Buchner reflected on and analyzed the past twelve months of working together and discussed the challenges and goals of device support for the current business year.

We at Weilandt Elektronik are very happy about the long-standing partnership and trusting cooperation and are looking forward to many more successful years together.

Additional information:

After it was founded in 2001, it4logistics was completely taken over by Deutsche Post AG in 2017 and has been a subsidiary of the DHL Group ever since.

About it4logistics:

As a software service provider of DHL in the area of 2-man handling and their nationwide forwarding customers, it4logistics, based in Potsdam, develops modern and future-oriented transport management systems (TMS) as well as e-business solutions and web applications.