Long-standing partner Edeka Südwest continues cooperation with Essen-based service partner Weilandt Elektronik GmbH

"We are a little proud that we have been looking after the end devices for mobile data collection in the Edeka Group stores in south-west Germany for many years.

Continuity in the results of our work, high reliability and an active partnership have always paid off for both sides," says Udo Weilandt, founder and owner of Weilandt Elektronik in Essen.
EDEKA Südwest, headquartered in Offenburg, is one of seven regional companies in the Edeka Group with around 1,100 stores in five German states. Weilandt Elektronik has been cooperating with Edeka Südwest as a service partner for over ten years and, with the new CT45XP terminals from the American manufacturer Honeywell, is already supporting the fourth generation of mobile data collection devices for the food retailer.

Weilandt Elektronik is also responsible for the entire repair service and inventory device management for the latest version of the terminal. Terminals stored in a bulky warehouse set up for Edeka Südwest in Essen are configured to customer specifications, packed in special inventory cases, shipped to the individual stores and collected again on schedule.

"We are pleased to continue our good cooperation with Weilandt Elektronik," says Christian Hirschbolz, Team Leader Executing Services in the IT Retail division of EDEKA Südwest.