Podloc: Innovative solution for storing mobile devices - available at Weilandt

The Podloc all-in-one system for storing, tracking, charging and preventing theft of mobile devices marks a significant improvement in efficiency and security for companies and organizations.

Weilandt had the opportunity to test the system extensively for its user-friendliness and robust construction. Interested customers can get a test system from us to experience the benefits of Podloc for themselves.

Podloc enables the secure distribution of devices such as smartphones and rugged mobile computers across large areas, ensuring both device security and fast access. Employees can access their devices at any time without having to travel long distances. This saves valuable time and increases productivity by charging devices directly at the workstation. To ensure that the hardware is always ready for use, the charging process starts automatically as soon as a device is placed in the Podloc, e.g. at the end of a shift.

Various identification options are available to open the Podloc: By entering the employee number, scanning a barcode, an NFC card or even using two-factor authentication (2FA) for maximum security. Alternatively, devices can also be inserted into the Podloc unlocked in "Cabinet Mode".
A special feature of the Podloc is its flexibility: several units can be connected in series to meet specific requirements and space conditions on site. If additional devices are added later, the system can be easily expanded and adapted to individual, changing requirements, e.g. when procuring new devices. With optional asset tracking, companies can track which device is currently in which location at any time. Real-time reports on enrollment information used to unlock and remove devices make it easier to manage and secure devices.

Technical details and support:
The Podloc system is compatible with most popular mobile handheld devices, including various models from Honeywell, Datalogic, Samsung Xcover and Zebra TC2x, TC5x and TC7x. The robust housing made of extruded aluminum and fire-retardant ABS ensures durability and safety. A dedicated support team is available for technical assistance to ensure smooth operation.
For more information about the Podloc, its features and the availability of a test system, please contact our sales team:
Jochen Buchner
Sales Manager DACH
Mail: j.buchner@weilandt-elektronik.de
Mobile: +49 (0) 152 2826 5714
Office: +49 (0) 6103 83168 70