Prevent damage and protect high-priced label printers: Weilandt Elektronik offers special cardboard boxes for safe shipping

The submission of heavy and bulky label printer for repair often represents an obstacle when the original box is no longer available. Because a suitable cardboard box must offer sufficient stability and protect the expensive product from falling and impact damage on the shipping route with appropriate cushioning material.

Especially in times of Covid-19, more and more high-priced printers are reaching the Weilandt Elektronik repair center damaged. The reasons are understandable. The mail order business has grown rapidly due to the closure of many shops and the service providers are working to capacity accordingly. More and more parcels have to arrive at their recipient on time and accordingly have to be processed quickly. This can cause rough handling at times.

With 30 years of experience, Weilandt Elektronik employees know these problems and have found a solution. Because Weilandt quality also means that devices arrive undamaged at the repair center and in excellent condition back at the customer.

The answer is a cardboard box in which the printer is sent floating. This is made possible by two membrane inserts that hold the product firmly, but still flexible, in the box. This is important because an upholstery that is too firm and without gaps can cause that falls of the package and bumpers on the box reach the product and are transferred to it.

The highly flexible but practically tear-resistant film of the membrane inserts nestle up against different product contours perfectly. By stretching the product between the cushions, the printer has no contact with the outer box and still remains firmly in position in case of a downfall. So it can withstand drops, bumps and vibrations without damage.

Label printers of the brands Zebra, Honeywell Datamax and Intermec, GoDEX, SATO, cab, TSC or Toshiba TEC are often sent in in this box. Suitable models are summarized in the table below.
Zebra Honeywell Datamax Honeywell Intermec GoDEX SATO cab TSC Toshiba TEC
GX-series H-Class PC-models RT-series CL6-series Mach-series MX-series B-EX-series
ZD-series I-Class PD-models G-series CL4-series EOS-series MH-series B-SX-series
ZT-series M-Class PM-models EZ-series SG112-series Squix-series MB-series B-FV-series
GK420-series   PX-models ZX-series CLNX-series   ML-series B-EV-series
GT-800-series       M84 Pro-series   ME-series  
GC420-series       WS-series   TTP-series  

Customers who want to send their label printer to the repair service provider Weilandt Elektronik in the event of a defect can also order an empty box in advance. Due to its stability, the system can usually be used several times if used correctly.

The short facts at a glance:
  • maximum protection for label printers even in the event of drops, bumps and vibrations
  • products are shipped floating
  • quick and easy handling adapts flexibly to different shapes
  • foil is practically tear-resistant even with heavy devices up to 30kg
  • sustainable because it can be used multiple times
  • environmentally friendly, as it can be disposed of separately with the waste paper
For smaller and lighter printer models as well as various mobile data acquisition devices, Weilandt Elektronik has shipping boxes on offer that adapt to the contours of the unit individually and firm. This is particularly interesting for companies that have several models of the same type in use. This packaging can also be reused many times over and is therefore more sustainable than cardboard packaging, which ends up in the waste after being used once.

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