Smooth mail-order business: In Corona times more important than ever – optimizing picking processes

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic online shopping is more relevant than ever. During the temporary closure of the retail trade, there was little other option for the procurement of certain goods. In addition, for many people, online shopping is still the safer or only alternative because of health issues. This is noticeable: online trading is booming and logistics service providers have more to do than ever. The approaching Christmas season will intensify this.

Goods that we order today should ideally arrive a few days later. Of course, error-free and preferably free of charge. Every company knows that free shipping is a major factor for the purchase decision of customers. That the missing charge of shipping costs has to be calculated elsewhere in the price computation must be clear to every customer. Because after considering the logistical effort, the work force and distance, which are reflected in every delivered package, "free shipping" is simply impossible.

Optimize picking procedures
A cost-saving and efficient system is required to keep the estimated costs for logistics in the article price as low as possible. Experts calculate that, depending on the industry, logistics make up between 5% and 18% of a company's total costs. This still represents a huge cost item - a large part of this is spent on order picking.

It is therefore important to optimize this process and make it immune to errors. What companies often forget is a backup plan. Because if the mobile terminals used in common picking processes such as pick-by-scan or pick-by-voice no longer work properly or even fail, these defects must be rectified immediately. That is why it makes sense to find a reliable partner for the repair of barcode scanners and mobile computers before any damage occurs.

Fair, reliable, experienced
Weilandt Elektronik from Essen is the market leader when it comes to manufacturer-independent repairs of mobile terminals and barcode scanners. 30 years of experience show what is important: speed, fair prices and individual service plans, tailored to the needs of the customer. Weilandt develops solutions to avoid failures and delays caused by defective devices and to make repair costs predictable. Individual maintenance contracts are Weilandt's carefree package and prevent unforeseen costs. Fixed maintenance intervals provide additional security. With special services such as the swap service, a configured and ready-to-use replacement device is sent to the customer as soon as they report a device failure. Sales Manager Jochen Buchner explains: “Today, speed is often decisive. Our customers can only deliver accordingly if we act first-class."