Spring check for mobile printers

Blue skies and rising temperatures tell us: The end of the cold season is in sight! Start the spring without any worries with our spring check for your mobile printers - until May 31, 2023.

That is Weilandt's spring check:

  • Visual inspection
  • Function test
  • Standard configuration according to manufacturer's specifications
  • Cleaning of the devices incl. print head cleaning
  • Shipping (excl. shipping costs)

Flat rate per device: net 47.50 euro

Available for:

Honeywell RP-series, Honeywell RL-series, Zebra ZQ-series, Zebra QLN-series, Zebra RW-series, Bixolon XM7-series, Bixolon SPP-series, TSC Alpha-series, TSC TDM-series, Toshiba TEC B-FP series, Godex MX30-series.
Looking for another model? Contact us today for an invidivual quotation. 

Additional services at extra cost:

  • Removal and installation of a new print head/plate rollers
  • New battery
  • Retaining loops
  • Preparation of a cost estimate if additional defective components are present.

Contact us 

Michael Vittinghoff
Technical Sales / Account Manager Label Printer
Mail: m.vittinghoff@weilandt-elektronik.de
Office: +49 (0) 201 10 99 81 22