Weilandt Elektronik and M3 Mobile – three years of successful cooperation

This February, the Essen-based repair service provider for portable data collection devices such as PDTs, mobile computers and handhelds Weilandt Electronics and the Korean manufacturer of Auto-ID devices M3 Mobile are celebrating the third anniversary of their cooperation. Weilandt Elektronik GmbH has now been the official service partner for warranty and out-of-warranty repairs of M3 Mobile devices for three years and is therefore the manufacturer’s first contact for customers from the DACH region comprising the countries Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

Ever since the start of the cooperation, the number of M3 Mobile sales partners, distributors and end customers has been continually increasing and is still recording constant growth in the present day. As an authorised repair centre, the experts at Weilandt not only process warranty repairs but also provide the services in the M3 Mobile service packages and therefore cater to the entire product range of the Korean manufacturer. Alongside the popular SM10 and M3T devices, the service provider’s portfolio also contains models that have already been discontinued and, of course, the new SM15 range. At present, this service is used by both end customers and M3 Mobile’s major key-account customers and partners, for example those in the field of shipping logistics.
To ensure that we provide top-class service at all times, the service provider not only runs regular training sessions on repairing new models for its technicians specialising in M3 Mobile products but also remains in regular contact with both the manufacturer and its customers. This enables the staff at Weilandt Elektronik to flexibly deal with its customers’ needs and requirements and to quickly and individually respond to their demands.
Alongside the personal contact, customers above all value the uncomplicated and straightforward processing of their repair orders. Customers can use the service partner’s RMA portal to place repair orders, to approve or reject cost estimates online and to view the status of their repairs at all times. This not only provides them with a clear overview of their repair orders but also, and above all, allows them to plan downtime and maintain control of all devices sent in for repair.
Jochen Buchner, Head of Sales at Weilandt Elektronik, describes the corporation as a win-win situation for both companies: “M3 Mobile has found an established and reliable service partner that represents the prerequisite for successful business development in Europe for every company from outside of Europe. In return, M3 Mobile helps us at Weilandt Elektronik GmbH to further expand our position as the market leader in the field of mobile computer repairs in Central Europe.”
The teams led by the company owner and Managing Director Udo Weilandt and at M3 Mobile are pleased with the strong cooperation over the last three years and looking forward to continuing this successful partnership in the future.
An example of such a service provider is the company Weilandt Elektronik from the German city of Essen. With nearly 30 years of experience in the market and as a service partner of manufacturers such as Casio, Point Mobile, Unitech and M3 Mobile, the technicians in the team of 50 employees at the company’s German location also handle models for which the manufacturers no longer offer any support.
A well-sorted spare parts warehouse with foresighted planning, an extensive network and many years of experience enable the company Weilandt Elektronik to still be able to repair old devices from all manufacturers even years after their manufacturer support has been discontinued.
The devices most frequently sent to the company to be repaired above all include rugged devices that still offer all required functions and have proven their worth over many years of operation. These include devices such as the skeye.allegro models from the company Höft&Wessel (HW90260) and the MC3000/3090, MC9090, MC9060 and PDT6846 from the company Zebra/Motorola/Symbol. “Even the old models often still serve their purpose, and we strive to repair these devices for as long as possible. This not only offers a financial advantage for our customers but is also resource efficient and therefore more sustainable”, emphasises the Team Leader Dirk Torkowsky.
If companies do indeed consider switching to newer series and systems in the long run, they can also make the most of support and advice from the experts at Weilandt Elektronik during this process. With its extensive portfolio of different manufacturers and models, the repair service provider is able to support its customers on all levels and put together suitable repair and service concepts that are tailored to suit companies’ individual needs and requirements.