The liquidity-friendly alternative to purchasing new devices  

Borrowing hire devices for mobile data collection and barcode scanners for stocktaking or temporary use instead of buying them is a liquidity-friendly and more economical solution if you only use such mobile computers on rare occasions or at large intervals. 

Typical areas of application for such devices include:

  • Annual stocktaking
  • Mobile marketing research campaigns
  • Portable data collection at major events

Our pool contains different PDT, mobile computer and handheld models with different configurations, which we can, of course, configure to meet your needs and requirements in terms of software.

 Our services for you   

  • On-time delivery with an additional collection service on request
  • All devices and accessories immediately ready for operation
  • Loading application software provided by customers
  • Terminal pre-configuration
  • Battery maintenance and charging before each shipment
  • Standby service – quick device replacement in the case of failures or repeat orders
  • IIndividual loan periods
  • Attractive price packages
“Loan devices from Weilandt Elektronik are an economically interesting alternative to purchasing new devices.”

Susanne Weilandt
Sales Manager