Manufacturer-standard repairs
"Made in Germany"     

Weilandt Elektronik offers repairs of portable data terminals, mobile computers, handhelds, barcode scanners and label printers both during and after the warranty period. These services cover fixed-price repairs, repairs based on time and expenses and service concepts/models tailored to meet your individual needs. We also take care of repairing accessories such as charging cradles. 

A service partner for manufacturers
The brands Casio, Honeywell (Intermec and Datamax O’Neil), M3 Mobile, Point Mobile, Urovo and Unitech all refer their customers to us for manufacturer-standard warranty repairs. We also work as a service partner for out-of-warranty repairs for GoDEX, TSC Printronix Auto ID and Bixolon, as well as providing our services to a number of other brands.       

Devices for mobile data collection (PDTs / mobile computers / barcode scanners)     


Label printers:/barcode printers thermal / thermal transfer printers

Devices for mobile data collection:
Auto-ID devices, barcode scanners, PDTs and mobile computers       

Our portfolio covers scanners, PDTs, mobile computers and handhelds from the following manufacturers:
•    Casio (*1) (e.g. DT-700, DT-750, IT-G400, IT-G500, DT-X5)
•    CipherLab (e.g. 8000, 8001, 8200)
•    Datalogic, PSC (e.g. Skorpio X4, DL-Axist, BC4030, BC8030, ELF, Falcon 4220)
•    Höft&Wessel, Metric, ALMEX (e.g. captura.tangens, metric.allegro)
•    Honeywell (e.g. CK65, CT60 XP, CT45 XP)
•    Intermec by Honeywell (e.g. CK3B series, CK3X series, CN3 series, CV41)
•    LXE by Honeywell (e.g. HX2, MX3H, MX7, MX9, Thor VM1, Thor VM2)
•    M3Mobile (*1) (e.g. SM15, UL20, M3 Black, M3 Orange)
•    Nordic ID (e.g. PHL3000, RF601)
•    Opticon (e.g. H-13, OPN-2001, OPL-972X, PHL series)
•    Point Mobile (*1) (e.g. PM75, PM30, PM85, PM90, PM451, PM550)
•    Psion Teklogix (e.g. 753x series, EP10 series, IKON series, OMNII series)
•    Unitech (*1) (e.g. EA500/Plus, HT630, MS1XX, PA692, WD100)
•    Urovo (*1) (e.g. DT30, DT40, DT50, ET28, i6200A, i900S, P8100, P8100P)
•    ZEBRA, Motorola, Symbol (e.g. TC21, TC26, TC57, MC33 series, MC93 series)

*1 - Service centre for warranty and out-of-warranty repairs


Thermal / thermal transfer printers: label printers, barcode printers, tabletop printers, mobile & portable printers    

We specialise in repairing mobile and stationary label printers and barcode printers from the following manufacturers:
•    Bixolon (e.g. XM-7 series, XT series, SRP-Q series) (*2)

•    cab (e.g. SQUIX series, XD, XQ, EOS2/5 series, MACH 1/2 series)
•    CITIZEN (e.g. CL-E 700 series, CL-S 521/531 II series, CMP series)
•    GoDEX (*2) (e.g. GX series, EZ2050, HD830i, DT2/DT4, MX20)
•    Honeywell (Datamax O’Neil, Intermec) (*1) (e.g. MP4 Compact Mobile, PD45)

•    SATO (e.g. CL4NX Plus series, CL6NX Plus series, CT4-LX series, PV3/4 series)
•    Toshiba TEC (e.g. BA series, B-EX series, BA series, BV series, B-FP series)
•    TSC Printronix Auto ID (*2) (e.g. MB series, B-EX series, B-SX)
•    Zebra (e.g. QLn series, ZQ300, ZQ500, ZQ600&630, ZD420, ZD620, ZT230)

*1 - Service centre for warranty and out-of-warranty repairs
*2 - Service centre for out-of-warranty repairs

You can find a complete overview of all models and types in our portfolio in our list of devices.          

Our services – quality with attractive conditions:      

Short repair times and transparent processes      

Ensuring that defective mobile computers or label printers are repaired and returned to use as quickly as possible is not only important for our customers but also saves them money by ensuring that a smaller pool of replacement devices is sufficient. Without an additional agreement, repair work normally takes a total of seven working days after the devices have been received at our Service Centre in Essen. We also offer the option of “guaranteed processing times” within three or five working days, which can additionally be combined with a so-called “advanced replacement” (SWAP) from our replacement device store. What’s more, our customers also benefit from the transparent processes of our online customer portal (“Repair Status Portal”). 

Highly trained service technicians 

The extremely complex technology used in mobile computers and repair work on small parts require outstanding fine motor skills and comprehensive experience. We are proud that some of our employees have already been working for our company for many years and pass on their expertise to new members of staff. Regular training and product training sessions with manufacturers ensure that even brand-new devices and complex matters are no problem at all for Weilandt Elektronik.    

Extensive spare parts warehouse

Our warehouse containing a comprehensive collection of spare parts and components from all relevant manufacturers and our long-standing and successful network of partners and suppliers are important prerequisites for providing repair services at short notice and ensuring rapid availability. This also enables us to repair even less common models or devices that have been discontinued by manufacturers.      

Resource-efficient and cost-saving device repairs   

Repairs by Weilandt are not only kind on your wallet but also on the environment. Why? Because we carry out chip-level repairs without replacing the entire circuit board. As a result, defective devices do not have to be thrown away just because particularly expensive components are damaged or repair work is no longer considered to be economically justifiable. In the case of economic total loss (write-offs), we additionally offer our customers the option of incorporating the components that are still usable into the cost-effective maintenance of further devices.  

Using ESD-protected workstations to avoid electronic 

A prerequisite for professional repairs is the prevention of electrostatic discharge (ESD) when handling electronic components. At Weilandt, anti-static flooring is laid throughout the entire building and “ESD security cables and anchor points” are ergonomically integrated into the workstations. In addition, the entire warehouse is ESD protected and the transportation of goods within the company always uses special ESD containers (Kanban).      

Cleaning and function tests 

Once the repair work has been carried out and a detailed final test has been conducted, each device undergoes an extensive final cleaning process. After being cleaned, the repaired devices are taken to the shipping unit in ESD boxes. This professional cleaning process not only reflects our quality but also helps to prevent further defects. It additionally ensures that the appearance of devices enables them to leave a good impression on customers and be accepted by employees, which is particularly important for devices used on site.   

And if you’re in a rush ...    

... we also not only offer optional express and prioritised repair services but also quick replacements thanks to our Depot Service. High-performance logistics processes play an essential role in facilitating these services and are a significant quality factor at Weilandt Elektronik. When it comes to maintenance of label printers, we additionally offer on-site services to meet customers’ individual needs. If a printer needs to be sent in for repair, we support you with our cardboard packaging service, which helps to prevent transport damage.     
“Our name represents long-standing experience and quality when it comes to repairing electronic components.”

Roman Howanietz
CTO at Weilandt Elektronik

Submitting your repair request to Weilandt –
a quick and uncomplicated process

If you do not yet have login details for our online customer portal, simply use our online repair forms (see below) to submit your repair request directly to our system or fill out one of the uncomplicated PDF forms (repair notes) below and send it in with your defective device.

Once we have received your device, we will intensively analyse it and send you a cost estimate via e-mail.


Online repair request – 
all manufacturers other than UNITECH

Please click here to submit your repair request online.   

Offline repair requests  
Click here to submit an offline repair request via PDF.  

UNITECH online
repair request 

As an authorised service centre, Weilandt Elektronik can repair your Unitech devices both during and after the warranty period.

To register your devices, please take the following steps:
  • Visit
  • Login or register
  • Register your device on the Unitech repair portal
  • From this point onwards, Unitech and Weilandt Elektronik will work together to process your repairs.

If you own older-generation devices that definitely need repairing outside of the warranty period and are not covered by any maintenance contracts, you can contact us directly or register your devices via the Weilandt Elektronik RMA portal.