Old and second-hand devices  

A used mobile computer is by no means a bad mobile computer. Even if it has already been used for several years, there is no need to throw away your old device. In fact, when sensibly reconditioned, second-hand PDTs, handholds and mobile computers can continue to give new follow-up models a run for their money for a long time and with no loss of performance. 

Device scouting
On behalf of our customers, we scour the market for second-hand devices to fill up gaps in their device pool. These devices have normally been discontinued by their manufacturers and are no longer available on the market. In such cases, we enable our customers to plan the replacement of their entire device pool and the change to newer generations of devices in the best possible way and in a foresighted manner by offering them a reconditioned device to replace the defective model.

Purchasing old and second-hand devices
When re-purchasing old and second-hand devices, Weilandt Elektronik ensures that it erases all storage components. By doing so, we guarantee that no company data remain on the devices and therefore cannot be passed on to third parties.

Selling refurbished devices
Reliable technology – with a six-month warranty

All of the second-hand devices sold by our company have been fully refurbished and undergone a precisely determined reconditioning process with regard to their functions and appearance. High-performance diagnosis systems are used to check all hardware components, which are then professionally repaired, fully cleaned and subjected to final tests where necessary. We grant a six-month device warranty on all of these units. 

We can professionally dispose of our customers’ waste devices on request. When doing so, we destroy any storage media and dismantle the device into its individual parts so that it can be returned to the recycling loop.

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“We are so convinced of our quality that all of our refurbished devices come with a six-month Weilandt guarantee.”

Tobias Perplies
Technical Procurement