EDEKA Südbayern expands cooperation with Weilandt Elektronik from Essen

"We were very pleased that EDEKA Südbayern entrusted us with the complete service of the new MDE generation (type CT45XP from the US manufacturer Honeywell) in March of this year," says Udo Weilandt, founder and owner of Weilandt Elektronik GmbH from Essen.

Since April 2023, almost 5000 mobile terminals plus accessories have been configured and rolled out from Weilandt Elektronik's Essen service center to individual EDEKA Südbayern stores according to customer specifications.
Almost 1000 EDEKA Südbayern stores will not only receive the new terminals, but also the new NEMO (NEue MObile Warenwirtschaft) software developed by EDEKA itself. 

Weilandt Elektronik GmbH is also connected to the EDEKA system and handles the complete repair and SWAP service for the devices.

Weilandt Elektronik also supplies stores with inventory devices or complete inventory cases during the inventory period via a device pool provided by EDEKA Südbayern.     

"We wanted to have MDE management from a single source and therefore opted for the experienced and long-standing partner Weilandt Elektronik for such tasks, says Daniel Schulze-Schwering, Head of the EH Services department at EDEKA Südbayern.