Customer-specific service at Weilandt:
Truly one of a kind     

When it comes to portable data terminals, mobile computers, handhelds and printers, companies have different requirements. These are based on a number of individual influencing factors:  

  • Service life
  • Place of use
  • Load intensity
  • Need for maintenance and/or repair costs that can be planned 
  • And much more 

We adapt our service to suit your individual requirements, from simple repairs ‘based on time and expenses’ right through to a freely configurable full-service maintenance contract with an additional option covering breakages. Instead of having to wait and see in the case of sudden downtime and risking failures in your operational processes, you can use set maintenance intervals to prevent downtime and benefit from fixed calculable maintenance costs.  

An overview
of our services   

  • Completion and processing of warranty repairs 
  • Repairs outside of manufacturer warranty periods 
  • Individual servicing and maintenance with guaranteed processing times
  • Consignment stock support
  • Advanced replacement (SWAP service)
  • Collection and/or delivery service 
  • On-site maintenance for printing systems
  • Several installation & hardware configuration (staging)

When it comes to service, Weilandt ticks all the boxes. Contact us to find out more!    

“Swap in the Air” device replacement
or the Full-Service Package    

Device pools for “SWAP in the AIR” services
Our so-called “Swap in the Air” service offers the provision and sending of replacement devices that are immediately ready for operation and pre-configured based on customers’ individual needs and requirements. This service provides our customers with maximum availability. As soon as a failure is reported, we organise the collection of the defective devices and deliver a replacement device at the same time. Defective devices are then repaired and added to our customer’s consignment stock.

OUTSOURCING your device pool – the “Full-Service Package”
In this function, we work as an extended workbench and take care of all service, logistics and administration tasks for our customers. These tasks cover the maintenance and servicing of your mobile computers, including software and accessories, the packing and punctual delivery of devices, transporting devices to and from their respective places of use and using modern IT systems to manage the device inventory. 

Your advantages     

    "Swap in the Air" Device replacement:

  • Replacement devices immediately ready for operation
  • Reduced downtime in the case of defects
  • Maintenance/servicing of the devices in the depot
  • Minimising your on-site hardware inventory

OUTSOURCING – Full-Service-Package:

  • Punctual provision of devices
  • Management and storage of your device pool
  • Maintenance, repair and servicing of your device inventory
  • Transport to and from the places of use

Software configuration and rollout projects    

Our experience, capacities and reliability make us the ideal partner for small and large Auto-ID projects. When handling such projects, Weilandt deals with all configuration services and other customer-specific tasks for you. We use efficient processes and reliable logistics to meet your requirements. When doing so, we make unpleasant surprises a thing of the past – every device undergoes a comprehensive final test before being dispatched and when it comes to operational readiness, we offer you our Weilandt guarantee. 

Our services  

  • Installation and configuration of customer-specific device software (staging)
  • Device replacement, program migration and data migration support
  • Punctual provision and delivery of functioning devices
  • Efficient and customer-specific logistics solutions


Weilandt as a service partner for systems     

Our many years of experience in repairing Auto-ID devices and label printers makes us a reliable partner for systems companies and allows us to expand your project portfolio in the background.

We do not sell any new devices
You do the selling and we deal with the servicing. There is therefore no competitive situation when it comes to selling new hardware and software. We focus on what we do best: repair services and connected logistics processes.  

You decide our position with regard to your customers 
Regardless of whether you choose to send your customers directly to us or first receive all devices sent in for repair at your company, our flexible online customer portal keeps you in control of all repairs. Our partners can also be provided with individual customer or project protection on request.

Advantages for you: customer retention and competitive advantages 
With us as your project partner for your service area, you can achieve optimal customer retention and further expand your business. Do you have any questions? Contact us for further information!

Advantages for you and your customers  

  • One single contact for a wide variety of different device types/manufacturers

  • Attractive price models
  • Reliable repair quality
  • Scheduled processing times
  • IIndividual service concepts 
  • An uncomplicated and transparent online customer portal
“We offer individual service concepts to minimise downtime and reduce overall costs.”

Jochen Buchner
Sales Manager