News of Weilandt   

  • 23.06.2022

    Weilandt Elektronik: 10 years Datamax O’Neil by Honeywell partner

    "I think we've made it!“, with these words, Jochen Buchner announced the start of Weilandt Elektronik's service partnership for Datamax O'Neil ten years ago. Jochen Buchner – at that time still Territory Account Manager at Datamax O'Neil, since 2015 Sales Manager at Weilandt Elektronik – accompanied the cooperation from the beginning: "At Datamax they were looking for an external service partner for the repairs of label printers in Europe. Weilandt Elektronik GmbH was able to assert itself in the selection process with its wide expertise and many years of experience in the field of service and repair of Auto-ID equipment.”

  • 12.05.2022

    Clever solution: Night Star Express GmbH Logistik installs the SESAM HomeBox on the premises of Weilandt Elektronik GmbH

    The logistics service provider Night Star Express has been a customer of Weilandt Elektronik for many years through a well-known IT system integrator. Mobile terminals and barcode scanners are regularly delivered to the service center in Essen for repairs. Since the delivery is made by the customer's own 24-hour courier service, delivery often happens outside of Weilandt's business hours.

  • 25.04.2022

    IT4logistics and Weilandt Elektronik: Long-term customer from Potsdam visits Weilandt repair center in Essen

    As one of Weilandt Elektronik GmbH's oldest customers Björn Kober from IT4logistics visited the Weilandt repair and service center in Essen this March. The two companies have been working closely together for more than 20 years in the maintenance and repair of a wide variety of mobile terminals. Because when it comes to mobile data acquisition, especially barcode scanners, Weilandt Elektronik and IT4logistics combine many years of expertise.

  • 04.04.2022

    International medical technology company relies on the label printer competence of Weilandt Elektronik GmbH from Essen: Five years of successful cooperation

    First a look back at the initial situation: In May 2017, Weilandt sales manager Jochen Buchner visited the customer's plant. At that time, a heterogeneous label printer platform was in use in the company's six production lines – i.e. different printer types with different configurations from various manufacturers. In order to prevent previous problems, the gradual changeover to a uniform printer platform and configuration was recommended in order to simplify and accelerate the procurement of spare parts and stocking, interchangeability and first-level service by our own technicians.

  • 23.03.2022

    Weilandt Elektronik GmbH is expanding its portfolio – repairs of CITIZEN barcode printers from now on possible

    Everything from a single source - that is the goal that Weilandt Elektronik has set itself, to offer its customers an allround service that is economical, fast and, above all, convenient. In addition to the constant adjustment of services to customer requirements, the manufacturer and model portfolio is also regularly expanded.

  • 05.08.2021

    Weilandt Elektronik welcomes the new M3 Mobile team to the service center in Essen

    Korean Auto-ID manufacturer M3 Mobile and the repair service Weilandt Elektronik are connected by a long-standing cooperation and friendship. In February of this year, this partnership was celebrated for the fifth time. Weilandt has been working as an official and authorized service center for M3 Mobile since 2016 and has been taking care of the execution of the M3 Mobile service packages in addition to repairs within and outside of the warranty. This makes Weilandt the number one contact for M3 customers from the DACH region in case of service issues.

  • 12.07.2021

    Three years of successful cooperation: Weilandt receives new Point Mobile Partner Badge

    As an authorized Point Mobile Service Center, Weilandt Elektronik has been repairing mobile computers and terminals from the Korean manufacturer for more than three years. In addition to repairs outside of the guarantee, Weilandt has taken over the repair of guarantee cases as well as the repair of Point Mobile products with the Point Care Service Package since then. On its website and in the new blog, Point Mobile looks back on three years of successful cooperation with Weilandt Elektronik on the occasion of the annual partnership.

  • 22.06.2021

    Delayed rollout of new devices? Weilandt Elektronik provides quick and uncomplicated solutions for bridging the time

    The current situation with the availability of electronic components causes bottlenecks on many levels and poses challenges for companies. What to do if the planned rollout of new devices has to be postponed, but the old devices can no longer be fully used? In such situations, inexpensive solutions are just as important as quick and uncomplicated action. Weilandt Elektronik offers various measures to compensate for bottlenecks or failures and to bridge the unplanned delay.

  • 22.03.2021

    Discontinued MDE devices and label printers: Weilandt still offers repairs

    Whether end-of-life (EOL) or even end-of-service (EOS): Weilandt Elektronik still has many spare parts in stock and an extensive network to continue to repair obsolete models. Regardless of whether it is a PDT or a label printer: Much is possible even after the manufacturer has discontinued the device in order to postpone a necessary equipment change.

  • 04.03.2021

    Prevent damage and protect high-priced label printers: Weilandt Elektronik offers special cardboard boxes for safe shipping

    The submission of heavy and bulky label printer for repair often represents an obstacle when the original box is no longer available. Because a suitable cardboard box must offer sufficient stability and protect the expensive product from falling and impact damage on the shipping route with appropriate cushioning material.

  • 10.02.2021

    Mobile Terminals: Repair and Scouting - even for old models

    Portable data terminals (PDT) are nowadays an indispensable helper in the industry, retail, logistics and health sectors. The choice of a particular model is based on the specific needs of a company with regard to the operating environment, the software used, the performance of mobile computers and many other individual factors. Therefore, there is not only a lot of money and time behind the entire concept, but also a complex coherent system and coordinated processes.

  • 06.10.2020

    Smooth mail-order business: In Corona times more important than ever – optimizing picking processes

    Since the beginning of the corona pandemic online shopping is more relevant than ever. During the temporary closure of the retail trade, there was little other option for the procurement of certain goods. In addition, for many people, online shopping is still the safer or only alternative because of health issues. This is noticeable: online trading is booming and logistics service providers have more to do than ever. The approaching Christmas season will intensify this.

  • 17.09.2020

    ADCO Group trusts on Weilandt Elektronik for repairs of mobile computers

    The ADCO group with its affiliated TOI TOI & DIXI Sanitärsysteme GmbH and QITS GmbH relies on Weilandt Elektronik for the management and repair of the hardware they use in various areas.

  • 20.08.2020

    Protect production processes from expensive failures: preventive maintenance of label printers

    Preventive maintenance is not worth it? "Sure!" experts say – we explain why: Label Printers are usually implemented in large systems that ensure a smooth production and working process. If there is one defective link in the chain, the whole process comes to a standstill. This not only costs valuable time, but also money.

  • 10.08.2020

    Discontinued mobile computers? Weilandt Elektronik still offers service and support

    The announcement of the end-of-life and especially the end-of-service time for mobile computers and barcode scanners comes with questions and subsequent decisions for companies. Is there a successor model that makes a replacement as easy as possible? Do we still have the same requirements as a few years ago? And how much money can and do we want to tie up?

  • 02.07.2020

    Partnership between Weilandt Elektronik and GoDEX is celebrating its 1st year

    For a year now, the GoDEX company, as a manufacturer of label printers and barcode scanners, has been relying on the excellent service provided by Weilandt Elektronik.

  • 08.06.2020

    New Point Mobile PM451: versatile, rugged and perfect for logistics and warehouse environments

    As a certified and authorized service partner of the South Korean manufacturer of handheld terminals Point Mobile, Weilandt Elektronik is pleased about the launch of the new PM451.

  • 24.04.2020

    Casio launches new mobile computers IT-G600 and IT-G650 – Weilandt Elektronik provides support for warranty repairs

    As a long-standing service partner of Casio, we are happy about the launch of the new IT-G600 and IT-G650. The mobile data collection device comes in two versions and thus offers the same technical features with different hardware design for different areas of application.

  • 23.04.2020

    Cleaning and disinfection: repairs in times of Corona

    What has been standard at Weilandt Elektronik for years pays off in corona times: extensive cleaning and disinfection of used hardware.

  • 02.04.2020

    We welcome our new employee Rainer Linke. In the future, he will support us in terms of sales and especially take care of service solutions at Weilandt Elektronik. We are pleased to welcome him to our team and we are looking forward to share an exciting time.