News of Weilandt   

  • 05.12.2023

    EDEKA Rhein Ruhr to strengthen German middle class

    As one of the largest employers on the Rhine and Ruhr, EDEKA Rhein Ruhr also relies on the region for its IT service and ensures that employees in the stores can rely on their IT equipment and get a replacement quickly and easily in the event of a failure.

  • 07.11.2023

    EDEKA Südbayern expands cooperation with Weilandt Elektronik from Essen

    "We were very pleased that EDEKA Südbayern entrusted us with the complete service of the new MDE generation (type CT45XP from the US manufacturer Honeywell) in March of this year," says Udo Weilandt, founder and owner of Weilandt Elektronik GmbH from Essen.

  • 07.05.2023

    Device check: Time for a change? Individual repair solutions for data capture devices and label printers

    When a change of hardware is worth it is always an individual matter and depends on economic, ecological or technical circumstances.

  • 13.10.2022

    Point Mobile: Launch of new Handheld Terminal PM351

    Point Mobile, one of the leading AIDC manufacturers, announced the launch of the PM351 - a compact and light mobile terminal for a wide range of applications in transportation and logistics, retail and more. We already had the opportunity to take a closer look at the new device.

  • 25.04.2022

    IT4logistics and Weilandt Elektronik: Long-term customer from Potsdam visits Weilandt repair center in Essen

    As one of Weilandt Elektronik GmbH's oldest customers Björn Kober from IT4logistics visited the Weilandt repair and service center in Essen this March. The two companies have been working closely together for more than 20 years in the maintenance and repair of a wide variety of mobile terminals. Because when it comes to mobile data acquisition, especially barcode scanners, Weilandt Elektronik and IT4logistics combine many years of expertise.

  • 12.07.2021

    Three years of successful cooperation: Weilandt receives new Point Mobile Partner Badge

    As an authorized Point Mobile Service Center, Weilandt Elektronik has been repairing mobile computers and terminals from the Korean manufacturer for more than three years. In addition to repairs outside of the guarantee, Weilandt has taken over the repair of guarantee cases as well as the repair of Point Mobile products with the Point Care Service Package since then. On its website and in the new blog, Point Mobile looks back on three years of successful cooperation with Weilandt Elektronik on the occasion of the annual partnership.

  • 22.06.2021

    Delayed rollout of new devices? Weilandt Elektronik provides quick and uncomplicated solutions for bridging the time

    The current situation with the availability of electronic components causes bottlenecks on many levels and poses challenges for companies. What to do if the planned rollout of new devices has to be postponed, but the old devices can no longer be fully used? In such situations, inexpensive solutions are just as important as quick and uncomplicated action. Weilandt Elektronik offers various measures to compensate for bottlenecks or failures and to bridge the unplanned delay.

  • 22.03.2021

    Discontinued MDE devices and label printers: Weilandt still offers repairs

    Whether end-of-life (EOL) or even end-of-service (EOS): Weilandt Elektronik still has many spare parts in stock and an extensive network to continue to repair obsolete models. Regardless of whether it is a PDT or a label printer: Much is possible even after the manufacturer has discontinued the device in order to postpone a necessary equipment change.